By egrind

I have been under the care of Dr. Steven Lynch for about 6 weeks with wonderful results. Having never seen a chiropractic physician in my life, I was encouraged to visit one by friends at work due to sciatica pain I started experiencing. After thinking about it for about a week, I came in and saw Steve. In my initial consultation. He was very understanding and seemed truly sincere in wanting to help me overcome my discomfort. Currently I am pain free and am still coming to his office for my weekly well being stretching and therapy sessions. My bona fide thanks to Steve and his staff, they are the best.


By Katie

I have been seeing Dr. Lynch for about 4 years and I know other members of my family may have been seeing him even longer. I first began seeing Dr. Lynch after he helped my mother feel significantly better after her car accident injuries. I believe in methods and techniques which improve overall health. Consequently, I see Dr. Lynch regularly because I know that his chiropractic treatments, acupuncture and massge have improved not only my neck and back issues, but my overall health in general. The most important aspect I like about seeing Dr, Lynch is that he is dedicated to not just treating your symptoms, but to taking care of your problem.


By dl4727

I have only known Dr. Lynch about a month now. He was referred to me by my family physician. The first day I met him aqnd found him to be very personable and easy to talk to. He greets you each time with a smile or a handshake. His techniques are completely different to what I experienced with my old chiropractor. I actually felt like he was helping me instead of just going through the motions, My problem was that I could not relax and he showed me the confidence in him to do so. I highly recommend Dr. Lynch to anyone looking for a new chiropractor.


by margieschaefer

Dr. Lynch provides excellent chiropractic care. I have been a patient of Dr. Lynch for more than 6 years and have always been impressed with the quality of the care provided. The combination of massage, acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments have provided me with relief from back and knee pain I suffered in a car accident He recommended stretching and exercises to help ne regain the strength and mobility that I lost. I recommend Dr. Lynch to anyone who is looking for a really good chiropractor.


By pamjoho0

Dr. Lynch offers a whole body approach to chiropractic care. He uses stretching, massage and teaches you excercises and stretching moves you can do at home to help you improve your condition. I was in very bad shape when I first saw Dr. Lynch and after my program was complete I regained my life and was able to do most anything I wanted to do with no pain! I have tried other chiropractors and none of them compare to Dr. Lynch. I highly recommend him.


By Gary

Dr. Lynch is the only chiropractor i will go to now. I discovered Dr. Lynch four years ago and have followed him ever since. I have tried other chiropractors and have found them ineffective or unable to assist with my back pain due to a car accident years ago. Dr. Lynch and his team are great at what they do. Under his care I have been able to see significant improvement in motion and pain management. As far as I’m concerned he is the best and only chiropractor I go to and when I recommend him, I aways get positive feedback.


By Paula

I met Dr. Lynch about four years ago. I have a long history of back trouble for which I seek chiropractic care on a very regular basis. However, since my time in Arizona I have not been able to find a chiropractor that I have felt confident with. I let Dr. Lynch examine my back. He diagnosed my ailments on the spot and was correct. He didn’t miss a thing. I have been seeing different Chiros for years trying to find one that knew what he was talking about. Dr. Lynch earned my bisiness on the spot. He has been my Chiro for years now and has been amazing. He has been a key player in my long recovery after back surgery. I am fully functioning and getting stronger and am pain free with the help of his expertise. I never thought this day would come. He gave me back my quality of life.


By Gallifet

I pinched a nerve in my back last year, the pain was so excruciating, I was completely incapacitated. I could not take care of my 5 month old child or do anything around the house and screamed in pain with every movement. I waent to thr ER 3 or 4 times. Every time they just gave me strong painkillers, but even they did not work for more than 30 minutes at a time. A nerve specialist was vague and could not do anything to help. Feeling that this was more of a “mechanical” problem rather than chemical, I finally decided to go to a chiropractor. Dr. Lynch was highly recommended and I started feeling better almost immediately after the first adjustment. After a week I was a new person – back to normal life! I could not thank Dr. Lynch enough, not only was he skillful, but he was also very caring and personable. I would recommend him to anybody, infact I already did!


By cbmeader

We have had chiropractors in our lives for over 30 years. Dr. Lynch ha sbeen the most helpful and caring doctor we have found. For me personally he started usinf acupuncture on my knees ( I have moderate arthiritis behind the kneecap) I have finally found relief. I have also had acupuncture for migraines and that has beaten the shots at the base of my skull. I enjoyed instant relief and have had no further migraines for four months. My husband sees a massage therapist for stretching and release of tight muscles and he comes home feeling fit. Even though he has a bad back. You can only sit for so long and then you hurt. We appreciate the loving, caring and gentle practice this doctor has.Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we recommend him to our family and friends.


By samness7

Dr. Lynch has always worked hard to find solutions to my particular back problems. We’re making progress and I feel that he make me his primary concern during my appointments. I highly recommend his services.

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