Dr. Lynch

Dr. Steven Lynch

Doctor of Chiropractic & Acupuncture

I was born and raised in the San Francisco bay area. I have always been drawn to the fields of natural health and healing. It was while playing Little League baseball at age 11 that I first made a visit to the chiropractor for a knee and back pain condition incurred during an on field collision. The gentle yet effective non-invasive adjusting technique utilized by the chiropractor impressed me and from that time I knew which branch of natural healing I would later pursue. It wasn’t until I was in high school and playing on the football team that I was first introduced to the many benefits of yoga. My high school football coach Jerry Colletto was also a yoga instructor and had the entire team practice yoga asanas rather than the traditional football exercises like push-ups , sit -ups, jumping jacks etc..While we all thought it strange at first, we quickly became believers in the many benefits yoga could bring to our bodies and minds. We all learned a new playbook in record time and started getting better grades in school due to the increased focus yoga and meditation brought to our lives.Pulled muscle injuries of any kind were just about non existent on our team. All this increased focus and physical vibrance resulted in great success on the field and many championship seasons. Thanks to coach Colletto there are many more men in the world that are now well aware of the many benefits of yoga and could never be told that it is just a physical pursuit only for women. I attended the University of San Francisco and then moved to Dallas Texas in order to attend Parker College of Chiropractic. I then moved to the beautiful “Valley of the Sun” and have been practicing chiropractic in the Phoenix Arizona since 1998.

I have never forgotten my knowledge of the many benefits of yoga and have always referred my patients to local yoga studios near my practice location in order to hasten their recovery and increase their over-all flexibility and range of motion (stress relieving benefits I knew would also be realized). The patients that heeded my advice always showed marked improvement over those who did not.

Finally in 2011 I decided to realize a long time dream and open a natural healing center and yoga studio all under one roof with a name depicting purity, strength and beauty, hence: the Floating Lotus Yoga Studio and Natural Healing Center. Floating Lotus combines the natural proven healing benefits of chiropractic for structural balance and integrity, acupuncture, therapeutic massage and of course yoga. I’m happy to be located in the reawakening and resurgent Downtown Mesa.

I invite you to please come and enjoy my realized dream and become a member of our Floating Lotus community. Namaste, -Steve

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