Class Descriptions

Yoga Basics: Crawl

Are you new to yoga? Or maybe trying to realign your practice and get back to the roots? Then Yoga Basics is the class for you. This attenuated 6o minute class emphasizes and instructs proper breathing and foundational poses necessary to progress to the more vigorous levels of yoga, but also brings about the mindfulness of movement when linked to inhales and exhales. Learn appropriate modifications for difficult poses, ask questions, and get maximal instruction in this class.

Level 1-2: Walk

So you’re ready to try something a little more challenging but keep one foot on the brake? Our Level 1-2 Flow class is for you! Built on the principles of Flow learned from our Yoga Basics class, our 75 minute Level 1-2 Flow will empower you to take what you know and run with it (well, maybe walk briskly). Explore different breathing techniques and new poses, all while maintaining the fundamentals of steadiness and ease. Modifications are given when needed as students are gently introduced to more complex balancing and strength based poses.

Level 2-3: Run

Alright. So it’s time to ramp up your practice and test your limitations! Our 75 minute Level 2-3 Flow is perfect for the intermediate student who wants to feel challenged without getting lost. Feel like you’re past the intermediate level? Great! Modifications are continually offered throughout the class and playtime is mandatory. Our Level 2-3 Flow builds on the breath work and structure from our previous two classes, but includes more core work, bandhas, arm balances, and inversions. A perfect way to burn calories, de-stress, or simply take your asana practice to the next level.

Lunch Rush: Take it to go

Need that lunch hour yoga pick-me-up to give your soul a boost for the rest of the day? Then our Lunch Rush is the class for you! This abbreviated Level 1-2 Flow will get you in the door, on your mat and moving your body in no time. Next thing you know you’ll be centered, floating out the door, and back to life (or work, yay!).

Yin Flow: All in one

Our 75 minute Yin Flow class is designed to warm you up, make you sweat, and then chill you out. Utilizing the foundational breath work and poses from our Basics class, we ramp it up to offer a moderately paced, challenging vinyasa class followed by 20 – 30 minutes of long-held, prop and bolster supported poses, designed to open up and release the deep tension stored in the muscle fibers. This class is the quickest way to get the best of both worlds (Yin and Flow).

Yin/Restorative: Grease the Wheels

Needing that ooey-gooey, melty-yummy, best stretchy and relaxing practice that life has to offer? Then our Yin/Restorative classes are for you! Each class is tailored to slowly open the deep connective tissues of the shoulders, lower back, hips, and legs. Comfort and support is consistent throughout the practice with special attention given to deep breathing in the longer held poses, with plenty of padding to keep you cozy yet close to that edge. Walk in feeling like an anvil; walk out feeling like a feather. Guaranteed.

Astanga Primary Series: Bring it all together

The Grand Daddy of Flow! Do it the way the yoga master Pattabi Jois intended: a structured, deliberate sequence, purposefully designed to provide maximum therapeutic benefit to the body, mind, and soul. In this 90 minute class learn how to properly breathe and move the body. Then come out feeling like the substratum of your soul was scrubbed clean. There’s really no good explanation for how this class makes you feel, you just have to try it!

Community Yoga: A place for everyone.

Come join us Sunday mornings for a donation based yoga class with a fresh instructor every week! Never done yoga before? Great! Advanced Zen-Master Yogi Extraordinaire? Check your ego dude. Don’t have any money for a donation? No problem. This class is all about bringing yoga and peace of mind to the community. Save a life, bring a friend to yoga!

Yoga Zen: Freshen your mind

Sunday evenings are the perfect time to reset the mind and unwind before the busy week starts again. Yoga Zen brings you gentle movements and deep guided meditations that are sure to relax and reset. Slow the thinking process, tune into awareness, and melt into the present moment. Yoga Zen will leave you full of life and ready to conquer the world.

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